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09.04.2013 15:32

Turen har kommit till Irland. Same...same happening in Ireland, UK, Sweden, Denmark. Indonesia and probably world wide issue from and about Three. 3 don´t like when people complain or do tell the truth about the company. Same problems around the world from 3 is when someone do want to end their contract with three....OMG......;-) Me Marianne I do understand to read lot´s of different languages so no problem for me to understand. For U to knowe you are not alone....my dear readers you are not alone... :-) This is happening world wide from three...

Should we say....thank you dear three we love you????
No thank you but one reason of this behaviour can be the emploees...do they get like "maad" beacuse of the companies system who perhaps do allow the emploees to act as they do perhaps they do have a stuid bonus system and allow them to do what they have to do  with...."no mercy"
Is this how we are going to understand the "great" - "leaders of the pack" Three???

But do please keep in you´re mind perhaps all working at Three isn´t beeing rude and acting ...."wrong" perhaps there is people watching all this happening, perhaps they are feeeling very sad becuse they have fellow-workers beahing "bad" But then they should admit to whom to blaim to whom to ask....Why...How is their working condition´s? How do the emploees feel, acting as they do...the one who reallyy should be ashamed is the owners....

Shame on you....Hutchison Whampoa!!!!

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Do keep in you´re mind what the costumers do think and feel about Three.... is happening world wide....for you to knowe.....thank you...

Peace, love and light.....

"Your staff have to be the most rude people ever employed."

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Paul Dempsey I've been unable to send an sms or make a call since before 8am yesterday morning...and YES...I've already notified the C.S. people on Boards.ie. Only in Ireland would people be gullible enough to accept a boards forum for their customer service troubleshooting and issue resolution in place of the frankly HOPELESS customer service centre based on the far side of the world where the staff are nothing but scripted drones, who tell lies to terminate calls within an allocated handle time.

Three Ireland needs an IRISH customer service centre to support the IRISH economy through the creation of IRISH jobs and in doing so provide proper service to its IRISH customer base. The total disregard for the Irish customer base may well be the rock that this network perishes upon in this marketplace.
Jez Harper So, another phone call with 3 Ireland and nothing changes. Having paid €569 for the phone in the first place, and then at least €760 in call charges in 2 years, it seems that is not enough and I am expected to pay even more before 3 will unlock my phone.

Unbelievable and unacceptable.

Caoimhe Darcy I brought a broadband dongle from 3, I was promised I could return if I didn't get sufficient speed. I returned to the shop, spoke with the staff, rang technical support, cut off three time, queued for another 20 mins and they just told me to go back to the location to ring them again. I don't know why I even bothered with 3. Liars and robbers

Eoin O'Donnell Ye have a thing on yer website where you can email three customer support for help with something i done that a month ago and have heard nothing back do ye actually give support to yer customers?

Ciara Kennedy grrr.. i asked 3 if they could put me on a slightly cheaper plan while I was in Australia for 3 months, eve said i would sign up to a new 2 yr contract of they did.. no deal. Even after I have paid every month and i could have just cut them off by now. My contract is up next month and I will be saying bye bye:-(

Mirza Ćatibušić When will you restore services in Blackrock Co. Louth? When I ring your technical help line they dont even know where Blackrock is?? Secondly. services are down for almost 2 weeks - why? Will we get any compensation? We are paying for having no service? According to your web site all is fine? Please respond.Three Ireland Hi Mirza, thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear about your signal problem in Blackrock Co. Louth . If you wouldn't mind contacting the team on www.boards.ie/three we can take your details securely and look into the issue for you. Many Thanks!
Mirza Ćatibušić Thank you for the reply. Services still down

Brendan Mahé Beware of the very enticing 'Mini Flex Max' smartphone bill-pay plan (€25.41 per month). You get 100 flexi units, which goes quite fast and three give you no alert once you go over your allowance. They then start racking up the additional charges which are extortionate. As soon as you have reached €75 additional charges, they block your account and you cannot make further calls until your new monthly allowance starts coming into effect. This €75 threshhold cannot be lowered. The only way to guard against this is to monitor your usage v closely

Brendan Mahé I fully agree with you Phil, and I keep a keen eye on it now, but with all this technology, how hard is it for three to send you a text when you go over your allowance? they've no reason not to do it. I was onto them about this but no can do they said, so I'm just trying to help others not be caught out!
Three Ireland Hi Brendan Mahé we really appreciate your feedback. We've forwarded on your feedback to our proposition team. If there are any updates I'll let you know. Thanks!

Richard Holligan My 24 month contract is up at the end of this month and I won't be renewing it, three is great on till you have a problem, then you really find out what they like to deal with. Stay away from three not worth it in the long run. Everybody I have talk to about three don't like them. Three Ireland Hi Richard Holligan, thanks for the comment. I am sorry to hear you're not happy with your current Three contract and we would really like to help you resolve any outstanding issues. If you would like to contact the cutomer service team on www.boards.ie/three or alternatively sending an email to the Three team at talkto3@three.ie. Thanks

Nige Ki I am in New Zealand travelling around, my contract was up in feb, I stayed on at 25 a month and have now been cut off!! Customer service's answer to this,
As we can not proved 'Three like Home' roaming in Australia we are cancelling your account,

Ciara O Reilly Hi,

I am writing this email as I am very unhappy with the service I have received from 3 the last few days. The customer service is absolutely disgraceful and i have wasted 4 days of my time trying to resolve an issue!

On Thursday 28/03/13 I noticed that my phone had network bars and the 3 symbol but had no internet symbol so I could still text & make phone calls but couldn't access the internet. I rang 1913 and they told me to adjust settings on the phone and that I just needed to go to a different area. I did this and rang them back and after being left on hold for about 20 minutes I was then cut off, so I didn't ring back I just turned my phone off thinking the problem would resolve itself by the next day.

The next day Friday 29/03/13, the problem hadn't resolved itself and at this stage the network bars had totally disappeared and it just said no service at the top of my phone, which meant i couldn't text or make phone calls as well as not being able to be contacted. So I rang 1913 again and gave all my details again & told him the problem and he asked me loads of questions to try and resolve the issue and again told me to adjust settings. He then put me on hold and after about 10 minutes I was cut off AGAIN!
So I rang back and a woman answered and she asked me all my details again and I told her I had already been on to someone who knew the story and could I talk to him. Instead of transferring me she proceeded to ask me the same questions as the previous man did to which i told her I have answered all of these questions already. After she was finished she asked me to adjust settings again and she said she would send my case as PRIOITY to the network team & everything will be sorted within 24hours.

On Saturday 30/03/13 (24 hours later) my service still hadnt been restored so I rang again and gave all my details again and told them to check my notes and that I wanted to speak to a manager. He refused to transfer me to a manager and said he will resolve it. So again I had to adjust my settings and answer the same questions I have been answering for the past 2 days. After he was finished he said that he would send my case as PRIORITY to the network team & everything will be sorted in 24 hours to which I replied that this had already been done yesterday & that I have already waited 24 hours. He said there was nothing he could do but I refused to take that as an answer because I had been without service since Thursday! So he got back to me within an hour and I had to turn my phone off take the sim out & put it back in & it would be fixed. but it wasnt so he said i needed to drive 3 miles away to a different area to see if it was just no service in my area but I told him I had service on my partners handset that I was using but he said that was the only solution he had.
So I drove 3 miles and rang them back & couldnt get back in contact with the man as COINCIDENTLY he his shift had finished. So AGAIN I had to give all of my details and the same story to a new person who after about a half an hour of trying to explain to him that I wanted it sorted now eventually told me to turn my phone off in an hours time, take the sim out & put it back in and my account would be refreshed. I asked him if I ring back in an hour & its not sorted could I ask for him and he said no because his shift will be ended in an hour which didn't surprise me because nobody seems to want to take responsibility for anything and I just keep getting fobbed off to someone new without the problem being resolved.
After an hour had passed I did this & surprise surprise I still had no service. I tried ringing back numerous times on Saturday evening and each time I was just left on hold and nobody answered the phone.

On Sunday 31/03/13 I still had no service at all and since nobody had helped me or resolved the issue since Thursday I decided to go down to the 3 store but it was closed due to Easter Sunday.

Today, Monday 01/04/13 I went down to the 3 store again and gave all my details again and explained the problem again. In fairness to the staff member he tried adjusting settings and checking different sims to see if it was the sim or my phone. Eventually he thought it might be my phone that's the problem so he arranged to send it away to be looked at and in the mean time gave me a temporary phone that I can use. So he set up a new sim to be activated and told me it will take up to 8 hours, to which I replied I have been without service since Thursday & that I will not be waiting ANOTHER 8 hours! So I went home & after an hour and a half I rang 1913 & told them the situation again and asked for a manager. The Manager was very rude and unhelpful. I told him that my case was supposed to be "priority" and if this is the way 3 treat priority cases then i would hate to see the rest of the customer services! I told him surely there has to be something he could do because the way I have been treated is absolutely disgraceful and the problem still hasn't been resolved. He rang me back in a half hour and told me the sim had been activated & told me to restart the phone. I did this but the phone was still saying no Service. So he told me there was nothing more he could do & that I would have to go back down to the 3 store as the handset is faulty.
I went back down to the 3 store and explained what the technical manager had said. The staff member tried a different sim in the phone & the phone was working perfectly so again I had been fobbed off!
He rang the team & explained what had happened and to me it sounded like he was getting fobbed off aswell. The solution they finally came up with after asking him to repeat steps he had already done himself was to issue a new sim and to activate it. I told him I wasnt going to wait another 8 hours like I said before, I had waited long enough without service so he sent an email referencing it as priority! So I waited around for an hour and went back into the store & the sim still hadn't been activated so I rang 1913 again to speak to the manager. Again he was very rude and told me there was nothing he could do that it wasn't his problem, that I would have to wait the 8 hours for the sim to be activated (even though he got the other one activated in a half hour).

So here I am now 4 days later and I finally have 'service' on a phone that I can hardly see the screen because it has been damaged beforehand. I wouldn't so much call it service because although the internet symbol is on it, the phone is so bad & old that I doubt I will even get internet on it!
I feel I have wasted so much of my time trying to resolve this issue and every single person on that technical team that I spoke to took no responsibility for anything and just kept fobbing me off. The customer service you provide is absolutley disgraceful and not one person apologized to me for the inconvenience caused!! Also technically 3 are in breach of contract because I am paying for a service that I haven't received since Thursday! I would never recommend 3 to anybody and as soon as my contract is up I will be going straight to another network!

One Very Dissatisfied customer
Ciara O Reilly 

Three Ireland Hi Ciara O Reilly, I'm very sorry to hear about this issue and the experience that you've had trying to get it sorted. We would really like to help. Would you mind please emailing us on talkto3@three.ie or dropping over to www.boards.ie/three? Thanks
Nige Ki Hi

My account was cancelled on March 20th

According to your customer services, this is due to Three not being able to proved '3 like home rates' in Australia

I am I fact not in Australia, and am unreachable to work, family and friends at home.

You apparently sent a letter to my billing address in Ireland notifying me of your intention. Being abroad for the last 18months I did not receive it of which you are aware.

However, I was in contact with Three, before my contract was finished, and after, as I moved to a cheaper plan then a week or to after my contract was up had my phone unlocked and nobody told me that the decision to disconnect me had already been made.

I feel this issue has been poorly handled, and I, poorly treated.
A confirmation from my end whether or not I would like to end my account due to a minor service termination in a country I am no longer in,

Should be my decision and not yours

Issue tracking number

TRACKING NUMBER: A00007657186-00022390265

This issue is of priority, to at least me

E Ní Ghiolla Siomain Hi three, when was your about section written? It's so not true. The area of Mullyash/Oram, Castleblayney is without broadband & mobile for a week now. Why is this? Your staff have to be the most rude people ever employed. When a customer rings to ask why their internet or phone is down is it appropriate to tell them they weren't the first to ring? That customer doesn't care how many customers rang you or why they rang, they are just concerned about their own service that you DON'T supply very well which they are paying for. I know 4 people who rang you this week & you just fobbed them off, not good three!