Dear people living in Greece

29.04.2013 10:08

Yes, we are many who do read about you, yes we do try to understand. 


I have been to Greece but as a tourist and I love your beautiful nature and country, I did meet lot´s of nice people but when the situation is the whay as it is of today in Greece things shange, some people get like "lunatic" people want to live as they used to do before all this happened. People are starving, people who never have been in need to get help is in need of help from parent´s from friends from other´s.  
Yes my dear you, we do hear, we do read, we do try to understand, we do care.
I did watch a program in Swedish television in the channel: favourite channel. (But can´t find it today) They did show your situation of today. Thank you all brave and fantastic people who did make this movie.....  

Things is happening world wide and we do want peace, we do want people to be nice to each other, we do want people to show us respect. love, understanding, compassion, mercy and so on, with no consider of who we are, what colour we do have, what education we do have.... what religion we o have, what culture we do have, when it all do come do an ending point we are all humans....therefore do rememer
The Human Rights.....The Humans who do NOT remeber how to treat each other...please do remind them...please be kind as far as you can....
How would you like to be treated and responded?
Yes Marianne do read, and hear, lot´s of people do notice...

Peace, love and light