Sugar and Spice

22.04.2013 11:33



New photos coming day after day the same goes with my painting this is so fun.
And yes I am having fun evwery day. It is so fun when I do figure out a photo to a poem of mine. One photo to each poem....and so it is....
One poem = One photo.
One of my new paintings is so awesome but so is a lot of my latest paintings I have to look at them and say to myself. Wow Marianne you are an amazing woman... ;-)
So This and that is what I am up to.....

Enjoy your day


Peace, love and ligth.


"Sugar and Spice" 
You are like sugar and spice...

so sweet and so hot.

Do I eat

Do I eat hot

Still you are like sugar and spice.


Yes, you´re welcome

to be the one you are.

You are free to be...

the one who you are.

That´s the way I love you to be...

the one who you are.

Written by: Marianne Kandelin 2012-11-05